Charcoal to Europe

Charcoal to Europe

Charcoal to Europe
Arbiah Company for plant availability of coal export charcoal to Europe and all over the world
We hope to gain your satisfaction with our products and be one of our customers,
We show you a short presentation about our products:
All the products Morlh and completely cleaned of any dust or impurities
All packages provide printed by our company and your company’s data.
All the products are highly flammable and long-lasting and ashes white snow and the moisture is not permanently affected for quality
We have coal from the trees:
Orange coal
Coal guava
Apples coal
Mango coal
Aljzurin coal
Lemon coal
Grapes coal
Coal acacia Alsoadenei
We are honored to visit us at any time on the ground to experience and test our products and preview start the process of buying it and make sure and ensure the product out of the country.
We are waiting for you, Egypt
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